About Kylie

Kylie Beniamino knew from a young age a career in music was the only path that made sense. From a young age, through high school and present; Kylie has taken every opportunity to perform. “I could always see the spark in eyes when Kylie began to sing” says Phil Beniamino. Phil, her father, raised Kylie as a single parent until Kylie was 6.

When the time was right Kylie began auditioning for talent scouts. Real talent cannot be silenced, Kylie headed west for Hollywood. Kylie was determined to make more of her gifts. Kylie learned how to maneuver within the entertainment industry maze. She developed the image needed and gained the knowledge to be successful.

Upon her return to Atlanta, Kylie sought the direction of Musical Heavy weights vocal coaches, James Slaughter (T.I., Patrice, and Diana DeGarmo) and Season 2 American Idol Top 12, Vanessa Olivarez are preparing this “sassy Italian” for her successful musical journey. Kylie is preparing for more than her “15 minutes of fame”; she is preparing for her date with “destiny”.

Kylie has performed for many music notables. Latavia Roberson (Destiny’s Child) and Reindrop Lopes (Left-Eye Music Festival) have sought after Kylie’s energetic yet soulful voice. Kylie can be seen every week performing Original Compositions and Popular Cover songs throughout the South East.

Kylie remains humble helping those less fortunate. Kylie has served as Event Coordinator for the Special Olympics and Past President of Best Buddies Club. Recently Kylie became a SERV Ambassador for the House of Hope Orphanage located in Kenya.

“Aggressive girl power pop” is on the move and new Atlanta sensation Kylie Beniamino is not sitting idly by. She is driving this fast machine straight to the top.